Classic Matcha Latte

  • Add ½ tsp of matcha powder to a bowl, add 30/40ml of warm water.
  • Whisk in a zig zag mode until smooth and frothy.
  • Now add more water for a more traditional cup of green silk.. Or add your milk of choice (we love Almond) for an indulgent matcha latte.

Hot or iced, your choice. ENJOY Matcha lovers!


  • It’s best to use a traditional bamboo chasen to whisk your matcha. Get one that is at least has a least 80 prongs. This makes frothing up your matcha powder a lot easier and smoother!
  • Don’t ever mix your matcha powder with boiling hot water. Your matcha will get destroyed and lose all its umami. Hot to lukewarm tap or filtered water is perfect.
  • Matcha is traditionally served in a bowl, but you can enjoy it in a standard tea cup for a more modern approach.